Join Leadpages Affiliate Program

Leadpages Affiliate Program

Do you interested in joining Leadpages Affiliate Program & want to earn 30% recurring affiliate commission. Then keep reading …

Join Leadpages Affiliate Program

As an online marketer, a website owner, a blogger—all of the above—you have probably heard of LeadPages, how it creates effective landing pages, generates new leads, and increases conversion rates. It’s renowned for how fast and user friendly it is.

If you’re not a member already, you probably should be. It is a vital tool for all online marketing if you want to see real results FAST. With LeadPages’ exclusive features, your website or blog will get more hits and conversions than you could alone. At the same time, LeadPages offers an Affiliate Program, where you'll get a commission for speaking on behalf of their software.

How To Sign up for Leadpages Affiliate Program :-

Out of all the affiliate programs out there, LeadPages affiliate program stands out from the rest, because you are promoting one of the best products of its type. Other similar products are pale in comparison; Leadpages’ features and the raving reviews basically sell themselves. It’s a must have for all types of online marketers.

Nevertheless, not everyone can join LeadPages Affiliate Program. Only dedicated, serious users, knowledgeable, and experienced with the products are recruited into the program. You have to be at least a Pro member to get your hands on the benefits and rewards.

Why You Should Sign Up for Lead Pages Affiliate Program ?

As a member of the LeadPages Affiliate Program, you'll promote LeadPages and encourage people to sign up and reap in the benefits that LeadPages offers. Each person you get to join will earn you a 30% commission. And this 30% commission is recurring, meaning that if your promoting gets a person to join LeadPages and this person becomes a lifetime member, you will be reaping in the rewards for life.

Join LeadPages Pro Membership—it’s worth it

If you are a Leadpages Standard Member, upgrade to a Pro membership for a greater payoff. You’ll have access to more features that will take your website to greater heights, as well.

However, if you are not a member of LeadPages, give serious thought to becoming a member. Especially if you are a website owner or a blogger, you’ll find the LeadPages software is exactly the tool you need to step up your game and get more leads.

This is because the program offers features like LeadBoxes™ and LeadLinks™ that encourage visitors, with simplicity and convenience, to subscribe. You’ll also have access to the world’s fastest and easiest landing page generators; you’ll see hits instantaneously, as they are happening. With the A/B Split Testing feature, you can compare to see which website modification gets you the most hits, so your website is its best version always.

If you choose to become a Leadpages Pro Member, you’ll have access to those features and more, plus the Affiliate Program. If you choose the annual plan, you’ll pay $480 for the whole year—a 40% saving from choosing to pay monthly. And when you join the Affiliate Program, the commission more than compensates for the upgrade to Pro Membership.

So, What are You waiting for … >> APPLY NOW << to become Leadpages Affiliate and start earning 30% recurring commission on Leadpages' product sales!